11 Best Deals: Monitors, Laptop Stands, and WFH Gear

I love working from home, but it takes a bit of finessing to make your home office (or corner of the living room) feel thoroughly put together and comfortable. Thankfully, some of our favorite home office supplies are on sale right now. Be sure to read our full Work-From-Home Gear guide for more recommedations.

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Monitor and Laptop Stand Deals

Moft Desk Mat

Photograph: Moft

Moft’s Desk Mat is one of our favorite laptop stands. It comes in three versions, all of which are discounted right now. The magnetized mat is 20 inches long and can be propped up to keep your laptop or tablet at an angle, and it includes a large, comfortable wrist rest. Two NFC (not to be confused with NFTs) hot spots can be customized on your phone to open a specific app when scanned too. This digital kit includes a magnetic wireless charger to prop up your phone, a tablet stand, and cable organizers. The paper kit is discounted to $115 ($13 off) and comes with book and memo holders. You can get all the extras for $168 ($19 off).

This monitor is frequently discounted, and you can get it for this price from Samsung as well. It has a webcam that can stow away for privacy with a gentle push, but it does require a well-lit room to really provide good image quality. You can swivel it to portrait orientation too or VESA mount it. Reviews editor Julian Chokkattu said the IPS screen looks fine, but he wishes it had a higher resolution.

Depending on your desk space or how high up you need your monitor, an arm mount may work better than a stand. This VESA mount holds monitors up to 27 inches and supports up to 14 pounds. We saw it drop to $29 in January, but it’s remained at a steady $40 since then. It clamps to your desk and has built-in cable management to keep all your cords out of sight.

I love having a lap desk for when I want to work (or watch a movie) from the couch or bed. Yogibo makes comfy bean bag chairs, so the squishy cushion bottom is just as nice and keeps the tray supported as you type away. It has a slot for holding up a tablet or phone too. If you don’t want to buy from QVC, you’ll have a pay to bit more from Amazon. It is currently discounted to $53 ($6 off) when you click the on-page coupon button.

Mouse Deals

SteelSeries Prime Wireless

Photograph: SteelSeries

This is our favorite wireless gaming mouse. The price fluctuates and has occasionally reached $130, though it most often sits around $90, so this isn’t the steepest deal. Still, it’s a responsive mouse designed for esports, with clicky buttons and a long reception range. WIRED reviewer Jaina Grey says that while she always liked SteelSeries products, it wasn’t until she tried this mouse that she fell deeply in love. You don’t need to be a gamer to use a gaming mouse. 

Logitech’s G Pro wired mouse also fluctuates in price, often jumping to $60. The deal might be small, but that shouldn’t deter you: this is a tried and true workhorse of a mouse. It’s slim enough to be unobtrusive as an everyday work mouse—not just for gamers. You can find it discounted to the same price from Best Buy as well.

HyperX’s Pulsefire Surge mouse often rises to $55 but frequently dips to $35. If you click on the on-page coupon button, you can snag an additional $5 off, bringing it to one of the lowest prices we’ve tracked. It’s hard to beat at this price. You get customizable RBG lighting and quick response times. 

Storage Deals

Western Digital Elements Desktop 

Photograph: Western Digital

If you don’t need a portable storage solution, then this is the best hard drive for backups. WIRED reviewer Scott Gilbertson has been using various WD Elements Desktop hard drives for more than a decade and says they’re the most reliable—and cheapest—he’s tried. But they’re big and require external power. This sale is for the 8-terabyte version, but it comes in options from 4 to 18.

The X6 is our top portable solid-state drive pick. You can find the same sale price from B&H, too. It’s on the lower end of the price scale for portable SSDs, but it’s fast and extremely lightweight, at around 1.5 ounces. It is made of plastic though, so treat it gently.

More Office Deals 

iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer

Photograph: idprt

Be sure to click the on-page coupon to get the $30 discount. If you only print shipping labels, there’s no need to pay for ink, finagle a large printer, or pay-per-print at the store. This one is tiny and works well, and 500 sheets of sticky labels will run you about $15. You’ll need to download the right driver onto your computer, and it doesn’t work over Wi-Fi. Also, be mindful of cropping the unnecessary stuff from the label so it prints correctly.

We work out in our offices now. If you have a standing desk or a converting laptop stand, you can get your steps in while you edit spreadsheets. It folds up when you’re done, and there are wheels on the front if you want to move it from your office to the living room to walk while watching TV. I used a similar model for a while, and it really was nice to have, though it doesn’t incline like a standard treadmill.

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