Advanced Polymer Technology Finds Amazing Applications As a Soil Protection Technique in Gardening

Polymer technology has advanced tremendously in the past decade and the number of applications of this technology has skyrocketed. One of the many avenues that have benefited from advanced polymer technology is gardening. By the use of high quality polymer products, gardeners can protect the soil in their garden and simplify maintenance. These polymer products are very desirable since they are resistant to climatic extremities such as high rainfall, temperature swings and freezing.

Artificial lawns and turfs

Polymer technology has provided several products that have varied applications in gardening. One of the applications is the synthetic lawn or turf that can be grown in place of real grass. Since the grass is synthetic, you don’t have to bother about watering the lawn, mowing it and weeding it. So, you get a green lawn that looks perfectly natural but does not require you to spend a lot of time, energy and fuel mowing it. Synthetic lawns are made using advanced polymer technology. The good thing about them is that they are eco-friendly in their own way. Although they are not natural, they help you save water and energy.

Soil fertilizer

Another application of advanced polymer technology in gardening is as a fertilizer. Gel like granules made out of polymer need to be mixed with soil and laid out in the garden area. These granules are infused with fertilizers. Every time you water the soil, small amounts of fertilizer is released. So, the soil receives a continuous supply of fertilizers all the time. Advanced technology controls the rate and quantity of release of nutrients in the fertilizer. You don’t have to spend additional time, effort or money fertilizing the soil in your garden for six to ten months. Also, the polymer present in the fertilizer is not unhealthy for the soil since it does not react with the soil elements.

Soil conservation

The third major application of advanced polymer technology is to preserve soil. Special polymer materials are available that act as bonds in the soil. They keep the soil bonded and reduce soil erosion. In the long run, they offer amazing advantages because the fertile top layer of the soil is not lost. As a result, plants grow well for longer durations. The main advantage is minimum maintenance. Once polymer granules are mixed with the soil, you don’t have to bother about taking care of them. Since they are made out of synthetic polymer resins, they disintegrate at a negligible rate and hence, are very durable.

Soil stabilization

Polymer soil stabilizers are very effective in stabilizing soil that are already damaged due to fires, erosion and other natural disasters. By mixing damaged soil with polymer stabilizers and fertilizers, further damage can be prevented. Alongside, nutrients in the soil can be replenished. Within a year, damaged soil becomes suitable for plant growth. Barren and infertile lands can be reclaimed for farming and gardening by introducing polymer fertilizers in them. This process is provides prolonged results and is cost effective as well.

You can easily see that the uses of advanced polymer technology in gardening are numerous. They have indeed come as a boon to the farming sector.