Alien Technology and Government Cover Ups

Alien Technology and Government Cover Ups

Major Jesse Marcel had brought some of the scavenged parts home with him after the Roswell crash. He described the debris to appear as Aluminum Foil, but he noticed when you were to bend the material it would bounce back to its original form. As soon as his Commanding officer heard that he secretly took some debris home with him, the commanding officer made him hold pieces of a weather balloon to convince the public it was nothing more than a failed weather balloon. This was the start of the UFO cover up.

Have you noticed an advance of technology during the 1950’s well Conspiracy theorists think that we achieved this level of technology by the United States Government using and modifying extraterrestrial technology. Conspiracy Theorists say that night vision goggles were most likely built from the eye of an extraterrestrial pilot. All of this technology has been achieved a few years after the Roswell incident occurred.

Several men like Boyd Bushman have come forward during their last months before dying revealing all sorts of Government secrets. Bushman claimed he experienced and worked with extraterrestrial technology. Bushman also claimed that he visited the mysterious Military Base known as Area 51 which was not acknowledged as an actual place until 2013 when the CIA revealed its existence. While working at Area 51 he claimed to have met several extraterrestrial beings. He also supplied the interviewers with photos of alien beings. One being called J-rod, which was the nickname the workers at area 51 gave this alien since they did not speak the same language. They also had to develop a different type of way for them to communicate.

The wow signal was another sign of alien life detected on August 15th 1977 by Jerry Ehman while working on an SETI project at the Big Ear Radio telescope of the Ohio State University. The signal also was claimed to had lasted 72 seconds. Which is the longest recorded signal recorded. While Jerry was reviewing the data he was so impressed he wrote Wow! On the side of the paper. Which gave the Wow signal its name.

The Canadian Politician known as Paul Hellyer revealed that the U.S has been working with aliens, and also revealed that aliens had been visiting earth for thousands of years. He also revealed there are at least 4 species that they know of us and one of them being called the Tall Whites.