AUO Demos newest 480Hz refresh rate laptop & desktop displays

During SID Display Week 2022, AUO demonstrated the newest in their displays, offering ultra-high 480Hz refresh rates for desktops and laptops. ComputerBase was the first site to report the latest offerings for AUO’s displays.

AUO showcases new next-gen laptop & desktop displays with exceptional 480Hz refresh rates

The video below showcases the new display line, offering a 24-inch 480Hz desktop monitor and the same refresh rate as a 16-display panel created for laptops. The two new displays produce a 1920 x 1080 FHD pixel display ratio and an average 1ms response time. What is unique with the displays from AUO is that they use Twisted Nematic, or TN, technology.

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AUO is using technology not as widely used as before seems to be an odd choice for the manufacturer. Most monitors have switched from TN panel technology and focused on OLED, VA, and IPS panel technology. TN panel technology is much easier to produce higher refresh rates than other technologies, so it is possible the company chose to use this above the others for ease of manufacturing and to guarantee the highest refresh rate to consumers.

AUO’s TN desktop and laptop display panels focus on PC gamers looking for fast refresh rates as a priority and image quality as a secondary option. You can see the desktop model displaying Counter-Strike: Global Offensive footage in the video. There is a possibility that the manufacturer chose this game to display the desktop model correctly since the game requires fast response times, high refresh rates, and reduced lag from inputs.

AUO Demos newest 480Hz refresh rate laptop & desktop displays