Can a smartphone spread Covid-19? Here’s how to sanitize phone the RIGHT way; check list

Can a smartphone spread Covid-19? Here’s how to sanitize phone the RIGHT way; check list

Cleaning and sanitization of your phone during the pandemic is crucial. Here’s how to sanitize phone the right way.

With cases of the new variant of Covid-19, Omicron, rising exceedingly fast, the pandemic has reached the most dangerous stage again. And what is important this time too is to keep yourself healthy and, in addition, take precautions against Covid-19. One of the most important things to do daily is to sanitize your phone, considering how many places we use them and how many germs they harbour. Several studies, including the Journal of Hospital Infection, found that Covid-19 may survive for up to nine days on inanimate surfaces like metal or glass. But the good news is that you can easily clean your phone with isopropyl alcohol. But is it that simple to cleanse or sanitize smartphone? The idea is to find out how to sanitize phone the right way.

First, there are a lot of questions: is it safe to use cleaning solutions or isopropyl alcohol solution on the screen of smartphones? If not, then how should you sanitize your smartphone? Is cleaning your smartphone with just a cloth enough? To clear all your queries, here, we have listed how to sanitize smartphone the right way without damaging it.

How to sanitize phone: Points to keep in mind

  • Your phone screen is very delicate, so the first thing to note is always using a lint-free microfiber cloth to avoid any scratches.
  • You should never use Window cleansers or cleaning solvents on your smartphones and tablets, it can harm your device.
  • Never directly spray any solvents on your screens! According to Apple, the iPhone boasts a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic, oil repellent coating. Cleaning chemicals can deteriorate them over time. Though, if your device has a screen guard protector, then it won’t affect the coating of your screen.
  • Hence, ensure your smartphone has the screen guard before using alcohol-based solutions.

How to sanitize smartphone the right way

  • Turn off the device. Do not keep it on while sanitizing or disinfecting.
  • Use the lint-free microfiber cloth from left to right and top to bottom to clean the dirt from the screen.
  • During the time of the pandemic, it is advised to use isopropyl alcohol-based solutions to sanitize the products. You can use a drop of screen disinfectant or isopropyl alcohol-based solution to clean it.
  • After that, wipe the screen of the smartphone again with the microfibre.
  • Also, remember to remove your phone cover and clean it too with the isopropyl alcohol too.