Cause and Effect of Technology

People nowadays are careless about how technology affects our nature even our society. Our nature had reached its critical situation where people are the risks and people are the cause. How can we solve it? We can solve it by simply helping each other conduct a program that is related on “HOW TO SAVE IT!”. I can’t deny the excellence of technology, it is a virtue indeed. But every virtue has it’s own stakes. You, you are responsible for what’s happening to us. To be particular, I pertain to “YOU” as “US”. We are blind by the leisure technology brought to us and everyday it is leveling-up while our nature is leveling-down. Before it’s too late, we should act.

The Cause. Lately, the causes are getting large. People are doubling on head count, trashes are doubling also, and because of that happenings people also creates something new to satisfy all of us, but…they really doesn’t care a lot about what’s gonna happen sooner or later, we can’t tell what’s gonna happen.

The Effect. We all know what could,would or should happen to all of us if this continues without a remedy. I’m not saying I care a lot, what I’m saying is let’s just prepare for a better future. If you reached this part of article, I know you’re aware right now. Whether you’re doing nothing or you’re doing something. I may not know what you’re doing but all I know is you’re using your PC/Laptop/Mobile Phones/anything related to technology which affects our nature. I’m also not saying to stop using this or that cause I know it will never stop and even if I have the authority, I know people will find a way to break rules. I’m directing you to the point, we people should limit our use. Sometimes let’s just go to some lake, relax with our family, go on picnic during weekends, and lastly, (I know most of us are lazy when it comes to this) EXERCISE. Exercise without the use of machines, go jogging with your friends. It also improves your socialization and it helps our nature recover slowly but surely.

I hope you enjoy reading this article, it may not mean everything but it may mean something. This article is made by me and only me because it came from my heart and this is what I want to say to people who are “CARELESS”, how about you are you “CARELESS”? If you’re not, then do as I say…Thank you and hope we all have a better life in the near future… ^_^