DIRECTV versus DISH TV: which one should you opt for?

Satellite TV is basically a TV service that uses the satellites that are orbiting the earth to bring television programs to different businesses and homes. DISH, as well as DIRECTV, are the two most popularly known satellite TV providers. Satellite TV uses specialized satellite programming to deliver local as well as national TV channels directly to your home. For this, a satellite dish is attached to the roof of your home. This DISH is responsible for picking up the signals from these satellites that are orbiting the earth on a geostationary orbit.

Amongst DISH and DIRECTV, DISH does not have the price hike problem, which is most often seen in cable TV after the first year. However, in the case of DIRECTV, prices tend to go up after one year is completed. Customers most often choose the two-year contract phase. They have to pay more amount in the second year. If you are looking for the cheapest satellite TV option, you should go for a DISH. For a meager amount of $60 every month, you will be able to avail of 190 channels. In the long run, DIRECTV is more expensive. DIRECTV plans start at $50, along with the fees and taxes. However, after the 12 months is over of the 24-month contract, the price almost doubles up.

DISH vs. DIRECTV service

If you’re worried about which one to choose: DIRECTV or DISH, here is a small tip which will help solve your problem. If you have a wide variety of views at your home or if you are looking to watch international programs, DISH is the best option. DISH is meant for a variety of programs among satellite TV providers. DISH is great for watching everything: TV shows, news, movies, sports, etc. DISH also offers 85+ Spanish channels. With the DISH package, you can get many Spanish channels, or you can also opt for exclusive Spanish programming that starts at around $49.98 per month. If you are practicing a second language, you can use DISH to practice your skills by watching the show in that specific language.

In the case of DISH, not all of the major sports channels will be available. However, you can find many channels of NFL Network as well as other sports stations as a part of the premium plan. Unfortunately, DISH does not include NFL Sunday Ticket. However, DISH does offer you many sports stations like NFL RedZone, NFL Network, etc., as well as regional sports networks. Furthermore, DISH also wins against DIRECTV in international sports.

For most Americans, DISH TV is the best washing for sports due to their coveted NFL Sunday Ticket. The best part is that with DISH, you can actually avoid paying hefty Sports Network fees. Furthermore, if your taste expands all the way to movies, cooking, travel, news, art, science, rom-com, etc., then you should go for DIRECTV. DIRECTV will give you plenty of options. If you do not like watching sports or are most interested in the NFL games specifically, you should actually offer DIRECTV. This way you can save money which can be spent on other things. DIRECTV choice includes one year of NFL Sunday Ticket for free. However, this will get renewed in the next year, and you will have to pay. You do have the option of calling up customer care and canceling it beforehand.

To summarize

The DISH TV gives you the maximum amount of variety in terms of a wide variety of TV channels that belong to different genres. However, DIRECTV is best if you are an avid sports fan and do not want to miss out on a single sports shoe.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV offers a lot of perks compared to other streaming TV options. You will never have to suffer through a buffering symbol. There may be occasional pauses that may occur when the menu or the program is loading. Furthermore, you will also not have to use the valuable Internet data on the Internet mint section. This is a big plus if you are opting for a satellite Internet connection that has a data cap.

Another added advantage in the case of satellite TV is that you can get it for free. All you have to do is that you must install a large satellite DISH in your roof or in your yard, and you will be able to avail a few stations for free. These will mostly be the local channels with add-ONS. You will have to take the help of a professional to get it installed since it takes a little bit of tweaking. If you were confused about which way to go, the hope is that this article has helped you reach a conclusion and formulate a decision.