May 28, 2023


Innovation Leader

Employee Scheduling Software: A Turnkey Business Intelligence Solution

In the past, managing work schedules for employees meant hours of sorting through endless inquiries about next week’s schedule, and frantically reworking a schedule to cover a missed shift. One easily could lose hours to this necessary but headache-creating chore. Thankfully, there are several new schedulers on the market that can match Staff to Clients, based upon skills, experience, location and interests. Schedulers have a robust toolkit including dashboards, query, drag and drop, and change logs to optimize their effectiveness. So, if you are looking to automatically maintain and track the workflows, then employee scheduling software is something for you.

Easy-to-read schedule format:
Online employee scheduling should have easy-to-read schedule format to help any manager or employee to turn a major chore into a smart task. One should look for a modern, user-friendly interface with little or no learning curve for managers and employees.

Engagement Budgeting System automates the review and approval process:
New features for Scheduling include: identifying staff in closest proximity to clients; reviewing staff assignments with an eye toward avoiding conflicts of interest; and disseminating assignment notes. Usability has also been improved with new dashboard and reporting capabilities.

Engagement Scheduling Delivers:
• The ability to know that the right staff are at the right place at the right time – Management can easily access staff availability and client needs, and schedulers are alerted to staffing changes and conflicts
• Information when you need it – Allow staff to review and request changes from anywhere, access reports in formats customized to each companies specifications
• Scheduling tools at your fingertips – Screens and fields designed to match your firms current structure; unlimited shift creation and query capabilities
• Extensive additional functionality – Including Dashboard capabilities; Data imports; Due Date tracking; and Performance evaluations

Consider the technical support:
When purchasing scheduling technology, operators should consider the technical support. Technical support is another consideration when choosing the right scheduling program for a business. With the Web-based products, tech support generally is available via e-mail, live chat with technicians, and telephone. Most do not charge for tech support. Software programs also offer tech support, but many charge for it. Some providers offer a limited number of hours of free tech support before charges are incurred, while others charge for their technical support.
Many users are reporting that employees are more than happy with the new scheduling technology. Employees absolutely love it as they don’t have to call in or drive in to get their schedules. They don’t have to track down someone to trade shifts. As a result, employers are able to attract and retain their best assets – employees.