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HOUSTON, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Houston SEO company Actual SEO Media, Inc. announces a new initiative focusing on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This new initiative signals a shift in priorities for the online marketing firm. Actual SEO Media will continue focusing on producing quality SEO content, but it now offers new avenues into online advertising. This gives the firm a wider array of options for clients. These options work well together to build an immediate entry into a market while developing organic growth through SEO.

Actual SEO Media has traditionally focused on proper search engine optimization. This has meant creating high-quality articles for clients’ web pages. While some other companies may have focused on quick, malicious growth, Actual SEO Media has doggedly pursued white hat techniques intended to grow clients’ long-term online presence the right way. Developing organic growth through proper SEO takes time, and that may not work for all possible partners. By expanding its capacity to develop PPC advertisements, Actual SEO Media now can serve a variety of needs for its clients.

There are myriad benefits for businesses focusing on PPC. One benefit of focusing heavily on PPC is the amount of data that experts can track. Almost any kind of conversion can be measured through the advertisement. This allows marketers to gauge the true effectiveness of their strategies. By knowing what really works, businesses can budget more appropriately, better spending their marketing dollars where they really make sense.

Another major factor that affects businesses focusing on PPC is the quick entry into new markets that PPC advertisement allows. Whereas traditional search engine optimization creates organic growth over a long time, PPC advertising offers quick entry into the market. As long as advertisements are properly optimized, PPC allows for companies to take space in their industry immediately.

Actual SEO Media, which has prided itself on organic growth through SEO keywords, now has diversified its offerings as experts in both. Now clients can enter markets immediately, learn about their clients quickly, and then develop an organic growth strategy, all with one central marketing firm. These two in combination allow Actual SEO Media to have greater flexibility in serving clients. CEO Jamin Mootz says, “One of the greatest pleasures for our PPC department is having the opportunity to see local and national businesses grow and flourish as part of our family.”

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