March 25, 2023


Innovation Leader

How can restaurants thrive during a recession?

There was a notable financial meltdown between 2007 and 2009. At this point, financial analysts began to refer to these years as the Great Recession.

Even if the Great Recession caused economic instability in every sector between 2007 and 2009, it nonetheless had a significant impact on today’s financial stability.

The global pandemic, inflation, and recession contributed to a slump in the economy across all industries.

In the middle of inflation and a recession, business owners appear to be at a loss for how to restore stability and operations. The pandemic seems to bring about new regulations and a new normal, forcing business owners to reconsider their business plans.

In line with this, the restaurant sector are adapting to future-proof their business and invest in technology that will improve their services, both in and outside of the kitchen.

Here are some tips on how restaurants can recession-proof their business.

Invest in the right technology

Today’s technology has become a helpful tool for all kinds ofs businesses, particularly in the restaurant sector.

Businesses started setting up their online marketing campaigns to keep up with the needs of their customers.

Investing in the right online tools is important if a restaurant wants to future-proof their business.

If they ever need to reduce their number of staff and overhead costs, restaurants can use a digital restaurant menu QR code app for a more efficient service, and to provide a better option for customers who may be quite picky, or just want a contactless ordering systems.

The digital restaurant QR code menu app is a useful tool to maintain efficient and reliable business operations even during an economic downturn. The software reduces the costs associated with printing menus, adding more front-of-house workers, and purchasing marketing materials.

Customers can see the menu simply by scanning a QR code. They will then be directed to your restaurant’s online ordering website where they can directly order food and drinks and pay directly using a secure online payment page.

This straightforward ordering system ensures that no matter the season, restaurants will still be able to serve their customers well and deliver their services efficiently.

Reassess your restaurant’s menu

Aside from technology advancements, going back to the basics will actually help future-proof your restaurant.

Restaurants may focus on improving the quality of their food and menu.

In order to appeal to your client’s preferences and increase sales, you can serve up the menu basics like grilled steaks, French fries, and others. Customers will occasionally visit your restaurant’s page looking for new offers and exciting menu selections.

It might be time to review your restaurant’s menu and add more items that’s more in line with the needs of your target customers.

Expand your engagements

Of course, restaurants are not the only ones affected by the recession; it’s huge industries like the real estate who will take a huge blow as well. If commercial spaces in your areas go cheaper, this might be a good time to jump in on the lower rent. If business is going great and the area looks feasible, you can consider expanding your restaurant and reach more people.

It should be easy to serve more people at a lesser number of staff when you’ve invested in an advanced software, like a menu QR code.


Future-proofing your business should always be top priority, whether there’s talks about a looming recession. It’s one way to nurture your business and make sure you’re meeting your customers’ needs. It always pays to be updated with the best technology that can help you serve people better and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

Down the line, you’ll see your business’ resilience and how much it’s grown by just investing in a good restaurant software and putting your customers first.