How To Survive better In Skull And Bones? – Simple Tips

How To Survive better In Skull And Bones? – Simple Tips

Skull And Bones is an action-adventure game released in 2024. The game is set in the pirate era of East Africa and Southeast Asia during the golden age at the end of the 17th century. We can fully experience the fun of the game and the charm of being a pirate in this open world game.

As a Skull And Bones player, or in other words, as a pirate, you have to think about how to become as rich as possible. Plenty of will help us acquire blueprints, weapons, and cosmetics, allowing us to explore further in Skull And Bones.

If you want to get more Skull And Bones Silver more directly, there are only the following ways. I will explain them one by one below.

Main Story And Side Quests

As an open world game, although you have many choices, the necessary main tasks and side tasks are also good choices. First, players need to travel to Saint Anne to obtain their first ship. You can then choose to explore the map or perform missions as you see fit. Both main tasks and side tasks are displayed with different icons on the map, and players can make appropriate choices according to their needs. After completing investigation tasks such as “The Fall of Ranitra”, players will receive rich rewards and reputation.

To complete the Fall of Lanitra quest, we first need to travel to the northern side of Sea Folk territory, sail or fast travel to Lanitra Outpost, and explore the area. After passing through the outpost leader’s tent, a collectible diary can be found under the flag. This item will unlock the next chapter of the investigation and provide you with more clues.

Following the clues, you then need to head to Guerande. This French village is located south of Saint-Anne. Once you reach the location, prepare for battle, the French ships protecting Guerande will attack you. Use your ships and strategies to defeat them. After defeating the ship, visit the Governor’s Mansion to look for any suspicious documents or Skull and Bones items for sale related to the traitor.

After finding the clue, return to the base of operations. Find Scurlock near the bar or the Governor’s Mansion. Share your discoveries of Lanitra and Guerande with him.

After completing the investigation, you will receive the “Unwavering Focus” ship decoration. And, based on your performance in the mission, you will receive additional corresponding resources, reputation points or unique equipment.


Plundering Ships And Settlements

Players can participate in ship battles after acquiring ships. While crossing the water, players will typically encounter a variety of ships from different factions, at which point, players can select appropriate targets to plunder. It is worth noting that we should try to choose ships of the same or lower level, which will better ensure the safety of our ships.

After reaching level four or higher, you can also choose to participate in plundering various settlements on the map. But I recommend asking for help before looting a settlement, as players will have to constantly fight nearby faction ships and towers after looting. Without help, it will be a difficult challenge for players.

Doing Shipwreck Rounds

Players will discover various Skull & Bones items while exploring the map, including shipwrecks. After discovering a sunken ship, you can force it open by using the right crowbar and receive corresponding rewards, such as silver. But because some sunken ships require special crowbars, we don’t need to deliberately look for sunken ships.

Commodity Sale

This is the most direct and efficient method. Because Commodities are always present and necessary from the early stage to the later stage of the game, it is obviously a very good choice for players to obtain silver by selling commodities. And if you need to buy something, this is also the most convenient option.

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Bounty Quests And Job Board

After reaching level six or higher, players can participate in high-level jobs on job boards or bounties. These tasks are usually difficult and have time limits, so players need to use their discretion. Of course, the rewards for completing tasks are also considerable.

Cutthroat Cargo Event

We know that PVP is optional in Skull And Bones. An event called Cutthroat Cargo lets you enable PvP, a mode where players need to find a legendary treasure map in a specific location within a specific time. If you complete this task, you will receive 9,000 silver and numerous rare items at one time.

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