I used the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 to replace a laptop — here’s what happened

Squeezed in the window seat of a Southwest Airlines flight, I had a revelatory moment with my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. While the person next to me had conked out, I was typing away, writing an article about why 49-inch ultrawide monitors transformed how I work. The irony of writing about monitors that are almost four feet wide on a display that’s merely 7.6 inches diagonally was not lost on me. Still, during a recent flight with the Z Fold 3 as my primary device, I couldn’t get over how far technology had come. 

My task was simple: use the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 as a laptop on a short domestic flight. In this case, I was flying three-and-a-half hours from Houston to New York for a work trip. Instead of taking out my Microsoft Surface, I would set up a Z Fold 3 on a tablet stand and use the iClever BK08, a squat foldable Bluetooth keyboard, as my primary input tool. The experience was surprisingly usable, even if Android still has some hiccups with mouse support.