Internet Defends Woman Refusing to Give House She Inherited to Brother

The internet has backed a woman who said no when her brother asked to give the house she inherited to him.

Posted to Reddit’s popular “AmITheA**hole” forum, a woman under the username u/aIt_throwthrow shared her story. The viral post has 10,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The original poster (OP) explained that she was raised by Christian parents where “gender roles were ingrained” in her while she was young. Her grandfather didn’t like how she and her brother were taught. The way she was raised led her to have a closer relationship with her grandparents than with her parents.

“For more info( important) my grandparents lived in a beautiful house that had no neighbors, many trees, and a garden. They payed off the house after years and was very special to them,” she wrote.

According to, the average amount that people inherit from relatives in the United States is around $46,200.

The Redditor’s grandfather suffered from back problems and things began to get worse once her grandmother passed away as he would need home care. Her parents thought his medical problems were from all of the “sins” he’s done so they didn’t want to help him. He refused to let a stranger in his home so the OP decided to stay and take care of him since she could easily work from her grandfather’s house.

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A woman is backed by the internet as she refused to give up a house she inherited from their grandfather.
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“In the time I took care of him we filled the home with the love and laughter my grandmother brought to it. As my granddad got worse not a single call. Not from my mom, or dad, or my brother,” she wrote.

The OP continued: “We were joking about it once and he said ” maybe I should just give you missy( the houses name lol) instead of your dad, he’s just gonna give it to your brother anyway” he laughed after he said that so I assumed he was joking.”

Her grandfather ended up passing away and the OP was the one who found him. She told her parents as she didn’t want them to hear about his passing from anyone else. At the funeral, the OP said they connected with her parents more than ever as they grieved the loss. However, things changed when the will was discussed.

When the OP’s family realized that the house would go to their daughter instead of their son, they accused her of manipulating her grandfather in order for the house to be hers. Later in the week, the OP’s brother went to her very upset since he wanted to use the house to raise his family.

“I told him to leave and felt horrible. I feel like an a**hole and so does my family. He’s right I don’t need the house, my job pays me good money and I could easily just live somewhere else. On the other hand though my granddad wouldn’t want him OR my dad to have it,” she concluded.

u/aIt_throwthrow gave an update on her situation, “I am not giving up my house, my husband and I are getting a dog, and I’m buying a pillow that says ‘house hold a**hole’ as a little joke for my couch,” she told Newsweek.

Redditors were quick to defend the OP.

“You took care of your grandfather out of love, expecting nothing in return. Your dad and brother gave nothing, and expected everything in return. Keep the house. Your grandfather made the right decision,” u/czndra67 received the top comment with over 22,000 upvotes.

“On all seriousness, your grandpa gave it to YOU. He wanted YOU to live in a house he loved and lived on, he wanted to give that for YOU. Giving it away to someone who insulted him and treated him as less than is almost an insult to his memory. Allow yourself to have what you deserve and what other people wanted to give you,” u/Slow-Bumblebee-9609 explained.

“Do not let them guilt you on this,” u/missmegz1492 said, “You are the one who stepped up, thinking you would get nothing in return. You took care of your grandfather in the final days and allowed him to stay at home, literally the number one wish of almost every patient I take care of. The house is yours.”