Internet Praises Woman’s Response to ‘Nasty Bully’ Boss: ‘Well Done’

A woman asked the internet if she was being unreasonable for standing up to her boss who has been rude to her since she started her job, and the internet didn’t hesitate to take her side.

The woman, who goes by the username InadequateSleep, shared her experience on Mumsnet on Friday, with a long post where she explained that he’s been rude to her in every interaction they’ve had since she started her job and she could no longer take it.

“I started a new job a month ago. My line manager says I’m doing really well. However, their manager seems to either not like me or think it’s ok to speak to people like sh*t, as he’s been rude to me on numerous occasions since I started,” the post opened.

Woman telling man off
A stock image shows a woman telling a man off. A woman was praised online for standing up to her “nasty bully” boss.
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She then went on to describe episodes where he would snatch a message off her hands in a rude way, or shouting at her to answer the phone when it wasn’t her phone ringing, or even standing, watching her in some intimidating way while she works with customers.

“The ‘ANSWER THE PHONE’ event happened today and I told him not to speak to me like that. I’ve really had enough of him speaking to me like dirt and with no respect. I’m a 40 year old woman, not a child that needs to be told off constantly. AIBU [Am I Being Unreasonable] to refuse to tolerate being spoken to badly? I’ll probably get sacked but that’s probably better than the effect this would have on my esteem long term.”

According to data published by career platform Zippia in 2021, 50 percent of Americans say they hate their job. And 15 percent hate their boss the most and say they are the reason they’re unsatisfied at work.

The same study also calculated that on average a person spends about 90,000 hours of their lifetime at work, which for the 50 percent of unhappy people means they will spend about one third of their life unhappy.

Most users backed her decision to stand up for herself. Merryoldgoat commented: “He’s a nasty bully. I’d raise a grievance and leave.” Knowinglesseveryday said: “Well done. You don’t have to take that.” Bluebell34567 wrote: “[that’s] the best op İ’ve seen long time.” And ComDummings added: “He’s a d***.”

Others gave a bit more advice. Antarcticant said: “YA (you are) absolutely NBU (not being unreasonable) but I would suggest taking this through the proper channels, especially as you are so newly employed so have little protection against dismissal. Make a log of the incidents and go through your company’s grievance process.”

Topseyt123 commented: “Raise a grievance through the proper channels (in a discussion with your line manager perhaps). This a***wipe has clearly got away with this nonsense for far too long.” Londonmummy1966 said: “I had a boss like that once. At one point when I’d spent a lot of time with older toddlers he said ‘get me xxxx’ and I turned around on auto pilot and said ‘[What’s] the magic word?’ He was never rude to me again.”

Another user, SarahSissions tried to balance the situation out. “[His] tone is off, but it [is] convention in many offices that if someone isn’t at their desk then someone else will pick up the phone and see if they can help or take a message. So I think you are both [off] the mark, him in tone, you in not answering the phone.”