Internet Shuts Down Man for Saying He’s ‘Getting His Wife Back’ After Birth

The internet shut down a new father after saying during labor that he’s looking forward to “getting his wife back.”

Published to Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum, a woman under the username u/milesawayfromshore shared her story to the AITA community to see if she was in the wrong for kicking her husband out of the delivery room. The viral post has 6,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

The Redditor began her story by explaining that she and her husband just had a baby girl. While in the delivery room, she wrote how she was in a lot of pain and that her husband was very supportive. During labor, the midwife was asking the Redditor and husband questions about the baby as a distraction.

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Woman kicking husband out of delivery room
Members of the Reddit community shut down a husband who said he was excited to “get his wife back” after pregnancy is over.
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She wrote, “Then she said if we are excited about the pregnancy being over and I said that yes, because it’s been hard for me. My hisband snorted and said ‘for me too, she was so difficult’. Midwife tried to change the subject, but I asked my husband what the f he means by that, and he said that he is happy it’s over and he will get his wife back and ‘the hormonal mess is over’.”

She was taken aback by his comment and told him to leave the delivery room. He refused, wanting to see the birth of his first-born child.

“I yelled at him to get the f out and he was pissed of, called me an [a**hole] for making him miss his kid’s birth and stormed off. He hasn’t been back to see our daughter, he is supoosed to come later today,” she concluded.

“My husband still hasn’t been to the hospital, and I’m starting to think I need a lawyer,” u/Milesawayfromshore told Newsweek, “Because I don’t know what he is planning.”

Followers of the popular Reddit forum defended the actions of the woman.

“Well, if it means that much to him, he could have behaved himself like a supportive partner and kept his stupid, insulting and demeaning jokes to himself. Pregnancy is hard and any man who can’t give his wife the respect she deserves for what she has done shouldn’t be in the delivery room,” u/Pleasant_Birthday_77 received the top comment with over 16,000 upvotes.

“[Not the A**hole] You just grew a human! You just birthed a human! He had an orgasm and held your hand. In no way are those comparable efforts,” said u/winsomebunny.

U/justsaygay exclaimed, “Boy is he in for a surprise when he finds out the hormones don’t magically go back to “normal” after you give birth. You’re [Not the A**hole], OP. I hope he learns something from this and becomes more supportive and less Judgy.”

“[Not the A**hole] He was rude and clueless. If he really thinks that any hormonal changes just evaporate when the baby pops out he’s sorely mistaken. Congratulations on your new baby, sorry your husband messed up so badly when you needed him,” u/CrystalQueen3000 wrote.