Internet Slams Dad For Offensive Comment About Son’s Girlfriend

A post has gone viral on Reddit after a high school art teacher said her husband’s offensive comment about their son’s girlfriend led to a spat between the couple.

The post, written on the subreddit “Am I The A**Hole,” has been voted on over 16,000 times.

Redditor, u/throw_away11109 asked the internet if she was in the wrong for calling her husband a “di**head” after he scolded his wife for not informing him of their son’s girlfriend’s background.

She wrote that her husband’s mood noticeably dropped when the young couple entered their home and in private he asked his wife why she had not told him she was “one of them.”

“I was taken aback and asked him why it mattered and he said I should’ve told him so he could’ve prepared himself in case he said something offensive,” she wrote.

The Redditor, who shared in the comments she lives in Canada, said that her son’s girlfriend is Muslim and of South Asian Descent.

She said that until this incident she did not know this was how her husband viewed the world.

“Maybe I didn’t notice any signs and I know that’s on me but I’m actually going insane wondering if I’ve been that ignorant of his beliefs,” she wrote in an edit to the post.

In the United States, Pew Research data found that in 2017, 48 percent of Muslim American adults said they had personally experienced some form of discrimination because of their religion in the previous year.

In a survey conducted in March 2021 by Pew, U.S. adults were asked how much discrimination they think various religious groups face. The results found that Americans were “more likely to say they believe Muslims face ‘a lot’ of discrimination than to say the same about the other religious groups included in the survey, including Jews and evangelical Christians.”

The Redditor said that her husband “couldn’t believe” she had not told him about their son’s girlfriend.

“…so I replied with “well I can’t believe my husband is such a [d**khead.]”

She said her husband was taken aback by the “insult” saying “he was just surprised and it was the first time a child of ours has introduced a significant other that isn’t white.”

“…but I told him that no one who is simply surprised says the things he said, only [d**kheads] and AHs do.”

Earlier in the post the Redditor explained that she initially did not know her son was dating until she overheard his girlfriend talking about it in her art class.

She said she understood why her son was hesitant to talk about his relationship with her because she is an “older white lady” and her parents were not “very open minded.”

“I assured him that I wasn’t like that at all,” she wrote.

Commenters supported the Redditor’s response to her husband’s actions, some even saying the word she used was not enough.

“…not just a [d**khead] a racist too?,” one commenter wrote.

“Your husband literally asked you why you [didn’t] tell him to not act racist,” another said.

Couple arguing
In a viral post a Redditor says she was shocked at her husband’s reaction to meeting their son’s girlfriend. Above, this stock image shows a couple arguing.
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The Redditor said that after the incident, though she’d understand if she felt differently, her son’s girlfriend said she would still come over to their home. She said she and her husband both plan on apologizing to her.

“She says she’s gone through worse which is just another example of how I as a white person will never understand how horrible racism is that someone would excuse just straight up rudeness because “it isn’t that bad”,” the Redditor wrote in response to a comment about the girlfriend’s response to the incident.

Newsweek contacted u/throw_away11109 but did not hear back in time for publication.