Is a VoIP Phone Right for Your Business?

If you’re looking to switch to VoIP, it’s important to find a provider with good customer support and flexible pricing. Look for a company that offers hard phones and softphones to accommodate various business needs.

Many providers offer free trials or introductory pricing to increase value and flexibility. Look for features like group broadcast SMS to reach large groups of customers at once.


A VoIP phone system uses your existing business broadband Internet connection, which is typically much cheaper than purchasing traditional analog equipment. It also includes free conferencing, video calls and contact management software.

Small businesses that switch to a VoIP solution often see local calling expenses reduced by 40 percent while savings on international calls average 90 percent. Furthermore, a VoIP system can be easily deployed on mobile devices and desktops so employees can use them wherever they have an internet connection.

In addition, a VoIP mobile phone allows you to offer second work numbers on personal phones without revealing the employee’s unique phone number. This can create cost benefits by giving sales teams more time to focus on closing deals. This can also improve productivity and customer service.


If your company has an office phone system with VoIP, employees can use their smartphones to connect to the business phone network. This saves your company money on mobile phone costs and eliminates the need for separate networks for data and phones.

 VoIP phone can redirect calls that a VoIP service can also reduce your business’s call expenses by enabling local calls at a lower rate. This is because a virtual phone number looks like it’s a local phone number even though it’s not connected to any specific physical landline telephone. Additionally, a VoIP phone can redirect calls to employees’ mobile devices or voicemail, thereby reducing the cost of missed calls. This improves productivity and eliminates the frustration of playing phone tag with customers or colleagues.


A business VoIP phone is not tied to the same physical network connections as traditional phones, allowing organizations to expand the system easily. Adding a new device is often as simple as clicking a button or connecting an Ethernet cable to the existing network without sacrificing speed or call quality.

This flexibility also allows businesses to use their current mobile devices for work, boosting employee satisfaction and productivity. The best VoIP mobile phones offer features like group broadcast SMS to simultaneously send marketing messages to multiple customers and auto-reply for missed calls.

A business VoIP phone’s flexibility also extends to faxes, which can be sent via email or traditional fax machines. Some VoIP providers offer unique phone rings for important clients or high-value customers to help prioritize incoming calls.


Unlike traditional phones, VoIP is easily accessible on any device with an internet connection. Its hardware is not located in the office, so if you need to move your team around a large space, it’s easy for them to take their phones with them.

The audio for a call is broken into small “data packets.” If jitter is an issue, these packets will be delivered in a different order than they should, which causes choppy audio. This can affect all VoIP phones, whether mobile or desktop.

In addition, a top-rated business phone system can offer features such as auto-replies that send pre-written messages for missed calls and advanced messaging, allowing teams to connect with customers interactively. These tools enable teams to create a work-life balance and increase customer satisfaction, even on the go.


Whether your business is currently using a system or you’re looking to switch from an analog telephone network, VoIP offers many benefits. However, before switching to a virtual solution, you should consider your current call volume, scalability, and budget.

When selecting a VoIP provider, ensure they offer security features like encryption and data protection. This can help prevent hackers from intercepting your calls and potentially stealing sensitive information.

Another important factor is integrating your VoIP phone with other business applications. This can help your team stay organized and improve collaboration. You can also customize your hold music and information for customers, boosting customer satisfaction. Auto-replies and call analytics are other useful tools for businesses that want to increase productivity and improve customer care.

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