June 3, 2023


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Kevin Sorbo wonders why there are no Democrats on Mount Rushmore, Internet answers

Former “Hercules” star Kevin Sorbo noted over Thanksgiving weekend that Mount Rushmore features no Democrats. Though the 63-year-old actor is technically not wrong, his name began trending on Twitter Monday as the Internet offered a bit of context.

“Ever wonder why there are no democrats on Mount Rushmore?” Sorbo tweeted Saturday night.

The South Dakota landmark features former presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. But Washington didn’t belong to a political party and Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican. Lincoln and Roosevelt were Republicans, though during very different times.

Popular liberal Twitter feed The USA Singers offered a left-leaning take on the stone monument.

“George Washington enacted a vaccine mandate. Jefferson invented progressive taxation. Lincoln crushed the racist secessionist traitors. Roosevelt was a staunch environmentalist. They were all Progressives,” the group’s statement reads. “Do you need any other history lessons today, you ignorant bonehead?”

Gen. Washington mandated small pox inoculations for his troops and Jefferson is largely regarded as a trailblazing progressive thinker. The complex leanings of Lincoln, the first Republican president, and Roosevelt, a New Yorker, have long been debated. Roosevelt ran for president as the Progressive Party candidate in 1912 against Democrat Woodrow Wilson and Republican William Howard Taft.

Many Twitter viewers pushed past Sorbo’s musings on Mount Rushmore and mocked him personally.

“Ever wonder why there are no Kevin Sorbo titles on Netflix??” asked Twitter user Borneo Jimmy.

A Netflix search shows “Kevin Sorbo is unavailable,” but offers several options “fans also enjoy,” many of which are of a Christian nature.

Another commenter wrote in response to Sorbo’s question, “No because I’ve read a book.”

And a separate critic asked, “Ever wonder why there are no acting jobs for Kevin Sorbo?”

Sorbo’s IMDB page shows the actor — who survived a series of strokes in 1997 — has several projects in the works including “DragonMan: The Adventures of Luke Starr,” where he plays a character named Olaff.

Another commenter sarcastically asked, “ever wonder” why Sorbo’s Wikipedia page has no section listing awards the actor has won for his work on screen.

Former Pussycat Dolls singer Kaya Jones tweeted her support of Sorbo’s claims.

“Hahahahahaha facts!” wrote Jones, who has 384,000 followers.

Sorbo has nearly 700,000 Twitter followers. Celebrity New Worth claims the 6′3″ performer is worth $14 million. He, along with Scott Baio, Rick Schroder, James Woods and Kirstie Alley are among the more prominent conservative entertainment figures on Twitter.

Artist Gutzon Borglum is said to have chosen Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt because they represented what he thought were the most important events in U.S. history: Independence from Great Britain, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the preservation of the Union during the Civil War and the expansion of the nation, respectively.