Laptops Designed For The Future

Laptops Designed For The Future

As hybrid work arrangements become the norm, professionals are seeking laptops that couple ergonomic design with high performance.

The pandemic has upended the world of work, forcing companies around the world to throw out the rule book when it comes to when and where their employees can operate. As the dust settles on the lock-downs and movement restrictions of last year, a hybrid model that allows for both remote work and an in-office presence is becoming the norm for many organizations. 

While employees in many countries can now return to the office, some employers plan to make hybrid work arrangements permanent even if Covid-19 restrictions are eased further in the future. To accommodate this new mode of working, however, employers will need to reconfigure their office, with more space set aside for collaboration and less for staff. This seismic shift in the world of work has led to surging demand for technology hardware such as laptops and network peripherals, as companies rush to build virtual offices. 

As more workers adopt a nomadic style of working – moving from office to home to neighborhood café over the course of a week – the type of tech tools they adopt will become an increasingly important decision. In particular, selecting a laptop that can offer both the ergonomic design and performance required by a corporate road warrior is critical.

The Choice of Professionals

With its track record of innovation in the technology arena, one company that is meeting the mobile computing needs of professionals today is GIGABYTE.

Since its establishment in 1986, the company has forged a reputation as a leader in the industry, boasting a suite of award-winning products that includes laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, mini PCs, monitors, and other components and accessories.

GIGABYTE has raised its profile in the global laptop market in recent years, and has succeeded in rolling out superior mobile computing products that have been highly acclaimed by experts and industry leaders worldwide.

Reflecting its reputation in the industry, the CEO of chipmaker Nvidia has been displaying GIGABYTE notebooks at the company’s press conferences for several years, while Tesla founder Elon Musk has in the past tweeted about GIGABYTE notebooks. 

Continuous Innovation

In particular, GIGABYTE laptops are known for being a pioneer of lighter and thin performance laptops. “Thinness and efficiency are the essences of GIGABYTE laptops,” says Eddie Lin, the executive vice president at GIGABYTE Group. 

The company started in laptop space in 2014, when it set the standard for what a truly thin and light laptop should be with the release of the P34, which spawned a new laptop category known as “Thin Enthusiast”. 

GIGABYTE built on this success with the launch of the AERO 15 in 2017, which featured a narrow bezel screen and GTX display chip that was unmatched at the time. The AERO series was built with features that targeted content creators and designers. Meanwhile, the company’s AORUS series was designed with power-hungry gamers in mind, and has since become a favorite among esports professionals.

Award Winning Recognition

GIGABYTE’s innovative laptops have garnered the company a host of industry awards over the past two years. It received the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021” for two laptops from the AERO line – AERO 15 OLED and AERO 17 HDR – as well as four professional gaming laptops – AORUS 15G, AORUS 15P, AORUS 17G and AORUS 17X. 

GIGABYTE’s laptops were also recognized at the European Hardware Awards for Best Notebook, and received honors at the Taiwan Excellence Awards and Red Dot Design Award 2020. 

As the world of work continues to evolve amid a still uncertain environment, the choice of laptops will become an increasingly important decision for professionals. Says Mr. Lin: “Whether you are a working professional, content creator or gamer, GIGABYTE’s suite of innovative laptops are designed to help upgrade your life.”

As the needs of users evolve, GIGABYTE continues to roll out new innovative products. The company recently launched esports-grade AORUS and professional creator AERO laptops with Intel 12th gen core i7 processor, featuring revolutionary designs that provide new and better choices for consumers. 

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