Looking for a smartphone under 25k? Look no further as Samsung Galaxy M53 5G is the answer. Here’s why!

Ever since Samsung made its way into the mid-range, the brand has been making waves by bringing segment-leading features to a price-sensitive market. And the result is, that a user gets to experience best-in-class features without it pinching their pockets. Samsung has made it possible with the M-Series smartphones. This year is no different as Samsung takes a step further, with the latest M-Series devices, particularly with the
Galaxy M53 5G. Galaxy M53 5G has many features that can give top smartphones a run for their money. Be it the design language that fits the psyche of the Gen Z or the segment-leading & Samsung-only features, or the impressive price – the Galaxy M53 5G is a device that’s #UpForItAll. So let’s delve deeper into the latest sensation in town & understand why it is the ideal smartphone for you to buy in 2022, especially in the under 25k category.


#1 Segment best 108MP camera1



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Galaxy M Series smartphones have made a name for themselves thanks to their impressive camera performance. Samsung is already known in the industry for its social media-ready captures with punchier colour science. Still, taking it a step further, the Galaxy M53 5G comes with a mind-boggling 108MP lens with an F1.8 aperture. The lens can click super-sharp pictures allowing users to get brighter & more detailed shots than ever. With such a capable camera, Samsung has made the Galaxy M53 5G one of the best offerings under-25k. Apart from this, there are three more cameras on the rear – an 8MP ultrawide angle with an F2.2 aperture, a 2MP depth camera and a 2MP Macro camera. On the front, you’ll get the solid 32MP selfie shooter – the only one in this segment. That’s not all, the camera app on the M Series has smart features like AR Fun Zone, where you can add filters to your selfies, object eraser, photo remaster, etc. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about all these new features more, down the page.

#2 Segment leading – sAMOLED+ Infinity-O 120Hz display1


Having a strong foothold in display technology, Samsung is a pioneer when it comes to smartphone displays. And the previous Galaxy M-Series users can vouch for the impressive display quality of their devices. Taking things a step further, the Galaxy M53 5G comes with a segment-leading sAMOLED+ 120Hz 6.7-inch display which promises a much deeper, richer and brighter display experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the content you are watching.

#3 Exclusive Galaxy features:
Auto Data Switching:
We bet you must have come across a situation where there’s no cell reception on your primary SIM when you desperately want to stay connected. Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, Samsung took note of this user problem and provided a one-of-a-kind solution with their Auto Data Switching feature. The Galaxy M53 5G is a dual-SIM smartphone, and it utilizes the power of both the SIMs to their maximum with the Auto Data Switching feature. This feature lets you make and receive calls or use data from your secondary SIM seamlessly, even when your primary SIM is in a no network area. This way, you can stay in touch with your loved ones anywhere you go.


Voice Focus Feature: Indian consumers face a constant challenge, which is the lack of voice clarity when answering a phone call amidst background noise (be it traffic or a loud music scene). Samsung took note of this issue and ensured that the Galaxy M series is up to solve this challenge for us, by bringing in the Voice Focus Feature. Now with Voice Focus, you can say goodbye to unclear conversations even in the midst of the noisiest of environments. The feature blocks loud ambient noise and amplifies the receiver’s voice so that you are heard as clearly as you hear. Now that’s innovative.


Vapour Cooling Chamber: With smartphones getting more efficient & smarter, many processes need to be shuffled in a matter of seconds. This usually causes the device to heat up. While there are ways to dissipate the heat, Samsung’s way is genuinely path-breaking. With a Vapor Cooling Chamber in place, you can enjoy long video calls or push to the limits your gaming prowess all day long. The Vapour Cooling Chamber keeps your Galaxy M53 5G super cool, so it stays up for it all. It’s truly up for multitasking like a pro!


RAM Plus: Another cool feature that has made its way into the Galaxy M-series is the RAM Plus feature. Many smartphone users complain about being affected by limited RAM availability on their smartphones. With growing concerns over this issue, Samsung included the RAM Plus feature on the Galaxy M53 5G, which intelligently reads your multi-tasking needs with various apps and provides up to 16GB of RAM whenever you need it. This way, you can ensure that your phone is up for binge-watching, shopping, surfing and more.


Object Eraser: How often have you clicked a photo from your smartphone, and some random person photobombs it; ruining the moment? Plenty of times? Samsung has a unique solution to this pet peeve – the Object Eraser. And it does exactly what it states; it erases objects you don’t like in a particular photo. All you have to do is go to the edit menu when viewing a photo. You will see an option called Object Remover. Select it, Tap on the object you want to remove and let the Galaxy M53 5G do the magic. It is as easy as it is said. Don’t you wish everything in life was as simple!?

#4 Everything else that makes the Galaxy M53 5G up for it all!

The latest offering from Samsung provides unmatched performance with its 6nm Mediatek Dimensity 900 processor with up to 2.4 GHz Octa-Core and the ARM Mali G68 GPU. Being future-ready, the Galaxy M53 5G supports 5G and has 12 5G bands. For a fuller, richer audio experience, the Galaxy M53 5G comes with Dolby Atmos. This feature will let you hear full & loud sounds that seem to surround you in the scene. With this smartphone, you can take movie night or your favourite games to the next level with a cinematic sound that immerses you in the scene. Speaking of movie nights and games, the smartphone comes with a massive 5000mAh battery with reverse charging making it up for it all. You also get 25W fast charging support
2 that can juice up your phone in less time and keeps you up for super long days.

There are more features to unravel, which we’ll discuss extensively as we move along, keep a tab on this space. The smartphone will be up for sale from 12 noon, April 29, 2022, on
Samsung Online stores and
Amazon. The smartphone is priced at an introductory price of Rs.23,999

So don’t wait any longer & bring home a device that’s #UpForItAll – the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G.

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2Charging adapter sold separately.
3Price shown for 1N of 6+128GB.

Disclaimer: The article has been produced on behalf of Samsung by the Times Internet’s Spotlight team.