Medical Billing Software Provides Easy Access to 2005 CPT Code Book

Medical Billing Software Provides Easy Access to 2005 CPT Code Book

Multiple data bases, multiple servers, superbills, synchronization, multiple logins, reports, backups, workstations. Honestly, there is enough to worry about already in managing medical offices. On top of all of that there are multiple codes to remember and refer to?

Medical billing software services have been developed to streamline the medical billing process, not simply by allowing practices to connect to multiple locations and databases in one place (which is quite a feat in and of itself), but also by creating simplified access to important codes to which medical billing must comply. The 2005 CPT code book, updated CPT codes, ICD.9 codes, and all other codes are accessible in the same location as the rest of the billing information, and they are updated automatically from year to year.

When President George W. Bush visited the Midwest during his reelection campaign, he spoke to medical practitioners in several locations and referred to “preventative medicine.” Effective management of records and compliance to codes has become a type of preventative medicine, protecting both the client or patient and the practice. Accessing codes on a simple medical billing software helps to ensure not only an efficiently run medical office but also a secure billing process.

Developments in medical billing software have come to benefit the medical field immensely. Databases allowed business to electronically manage billing and medical history information. Technology also created an IT infrastructure to manage the information.

More recent developments include HIPAA-compliant servers and removal of expensive IT infrastructure. Medical billing software has also developed color-coded appointment making, automatic reminders, and billing generation.

The developments continued to include SOAP note management and transcriptions. Medical billing software can now manage everything in one location, even information from multiple offices and servers. There has also been increased security on the servers and on backups.

Topping off the developments in medical billing software has been access to real-time updated codes, including CPT, HIPAA, HCFA 1500, and ICD.9. As medical companies continue to develop, adoption of a compatible medical billing software should be a prime consideration. Preventative medicine begins with accurate and effective record management and code compliance. As your practice searches through the medical billing software, it is important to take into consideration the recent developments available in medical billing software.