Mysterious Xiaomi smartphone appears online

The Chinese subway is the place to be if you want a first look at an unreleased smartphone. Numerous unreleased devices have been spotted in the Chinese subway over the years. However, it doesn’t seem like this will stop anytime soon. Today, an alleged real image of the Xiaomi 12 appeared online. The smartphone was spotted in the hands of an unidentified user in the subway in China. However, we can not get a full glimpse of the smartphone because it has a thick protective shell. According to reports, the testers are conducting outdoor tests on this phone.

Xiaomi 12

The Chinese manufacturer will release the Xiaomi 12 series later this year. There are speculations that the company will unveil this series in mid-December. Xiaomi may even be the first smartphone brand to use the flagship Snapdragon 898 SoC. This flagship processor uses Samsung’s 4nm manufacturing process with a super core Cortex X2. Qualcomm will probably officially release this processor by the end of the year.

Xiaomi 12 speculations

The Xiaomi 12 device will come with an LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen. This feature will realize an adaptive refresh rate adjustment function between 1 – 120Hz. This feature will also bring an automatic adjustment of the display. This means that when a user activates a high-demanding game, the refresh rate of the display automatically sets to 120Hz. However, when the user is on a social app, it reduces the refresh rate significantly. This will ultimately help in the power consumption of the device.

Under the hood, the Xiaomi 12 series will have a large capacity battery. This series is expected to come with a battery capacity of about 5000 mAh. The wireless charging will be only 50W because of the regulations in China. In addition, the charging speed of this smartphone will break through the previous record of the 120W charging. The large battery will get a full charge within 20 minutes and this will be a new record.

In terms of ID design, the Xiaomi 12 series flagship model will also adopt an appearance scheme similar to that of Xiaomi Civi. The Xiaomi 12 series will use a ceramic back shell which is very attractive. In the camera department, this upcoming digital series from Xiaomi will use a 50MP main camera. However, there are reports that this 50MP main camera will adopt an ultra-large bottom solution, supporting 1920fps super slow motion. This smartphone will also come with a 50MP high-quality ultra-wide-angle lens. The periscope telephoto is also a 50MP high-quality lens. The main camera is expected to support OIS optical image stabilization.

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