Retro Meets the Technology of Tomorrow in Maeving’s Hot-Selling Electric Cafe Racer RM1

Handbuilt and assembled at Maeving’s facility in Coventry (central England), the bikes rely on over 100 years of motorcycle engineering expertise, at least according to the British startup. And not only are the two-wheelers fun to ride in and out of the city, but they are also good for the planet, as they are powered by batteries. Not only that, but by being easily removable, the batteries are easy to swap and charge at any plug socket, whether from your desk at work, from home, a café, and so on, making sure you don’t get that range anxiety every time you are riding your motorcycle.

The RM1 is described as a vehicle that balances primitive appeal with the technology of tomorrow. It has a clean, retro design, and is available in several colors: blue, black, silver, white, gray, sand, and green. Designed mostly for urban use, the bike’s powertrain was developed in partnership with Bosch. By using a hub motor that directly delivers the power to the rear wheel, no chain or belt are needed, and the system also simplifies servicing.

The main battery included with the RM1 motorcycle is easy to remove and offers a range between 40 and 80 miles (64 to 128 km), depending on the usual factors such as the riding mode used, the incline, or the weight of the rider, to name just a few. That should be more than enough though to use the bike for your daily commutes, as this is first and foremost a two-wheeler for urban travel.

Maeving also had the connectors cleverly built into the bike, so inserting the battery once it is charged is a simple process that doesn’t require you to connect any cables. All you have to do is drop it in its slot.

Additionally, you can also purchase an optional second battery and double that range. With Samsung 35E cells, the 57.4V battery weighs 11 kg (24 lb) and can be fully charged in under four hours. It will cost you an extra $1,580 when bought on its own, and that price falls at $1,318 when you buy it alongside the RM1 bike. The battery comes with a two-year warranty.

Back on our cafe racer, the electric motorcycle comes with three riding modes (Range, Speed, Balanced) and can reach a top speed of 45 mph (72 kph), as the RM1 is not meant to be a speedster built for highways, but rather a city cruiser.

The RM1 was designed in a simple way, to make the bike easy and fun to ride. It weighs 98 kg (216 lb), is equipped with spring shocks in the rear, comes with fenders, and has a stylish, retro, but comfortable single seat. Maeving also provides a 10-liter storage space on the bike, which is accessible at the touch of a button and can also be used to carry your second battery.

While the first 100 units of the RM1 e-motorcycle have sold out, you can get your name on the waitlist if you want to get one of these cool-looking cafe racers. The RM1 is priced at approximately $6,600 (£4,995), and so far, Maeving only ships in the U.K. (anywhere excluding Highlands and Islands). However, the British manufacturer does encourage potential customers to contact the company even if they’re outside their delivery area.

As for the availability of the next batch, Maeving specifies that its next production run is coming soon and customers will be able to reserve the new bikes in early 2022.

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