March 25, 2023


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Search Engine Optimization Best Practices That You Should Always Adhere To

Search Engine Optimization Best Practices That You Should Always Adhere To

If you have a website on the Worldwide Web, regardless if it’s for business or for personal reasons, the harsh truth is that if you’re not ranking in Google’s Top 10 Search results (especially for your targeted keywords), then your website may not be visible on Google, or on any other search engine! And according to new research, 75% of web searchers today never go past the first page results, which explain why your website needs to rank on the first page of Google! So, to make your website rank higher on Google, try adhering to (or following) these search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

Improve & Enhance User Experience on Your Website

According to seasoned Brisbane SEO experts, Google keeps a close watch on how a website’s users behave with the site’s content. As such, user experience is one of the major factors in improving your website’s rankings.

To ensure a good user experience on your website, make proper use of subheadings, which helps Google easily understand your content better, and it also makes your text more accessible to yoru readers.

Next, make your content visually pleasing, because many studies have noted that visuals help people understand your content much better. So, utilize images, videos and screenshots which properly illustrate your points.

Next, avoid using intrusive or pesky pop-ups, because they’re not just bad from an SEO perspective, but they also end up annoying, and pissing off your visitors. Remember that since 2017 Google has been sanctioning and penalizing websites which utilize intrusive pop-ups. Thus, use these sparingly! Lastly, utilize white space, because this is a wonderful aspect of good design. According to new studies, white space between paragraphs (as well as in the left and right margins) increases comprehension by as much as 20%!

Insert (Or Add) Your Main Keyword Early in Your Content

The second Brisbane SEObest practice that you should follow would be to add or insert your main content early on in your content. This means that even if you use your main keyword a handful of times on your page, the location of the keyword also make a difference! And, Google also puts more weight on terms which appear at the top of the webpage.

Write (or Create) Fresh and Unique Titles, Description and Content

The next Brisbane SEO best practice that you should adhere to would be to write unique content, titles and descriptions. Avoid duplicating content as Google firmly states that websites must avoid duplicate or near-duplicate versions of your content across your website. This includes title tags, meta description tags, e-commerce product pages, landing pages, image alt text and category pages! In simple terms, if you publish a page on your website, the content on that page needs to be 100% unique!

Create and Publish Astonishing Content

If you’ve tried learning the basics of search engine optimization, perhaps you may have already heard about the immense value of high-quality content. And yes, publishing helpful, original and high-quality content can help websites rank higher in Google. A blogging survey conducted by a company called Obit Media has also found that the average blogger now spends 3 hours on a single post!

Concentrate on Getting More Authoritative Backlinks

Despite many changes to Googles ranking system and search algorithm, the search engine giant still considers backlinks to be major ranking points or signals. In fact, it recognizes backlinks in the same way as votes of confidence are on politicians!

So, if your website has a high number of backlinks, it increases your chances of ranking higher in the search results. Thus, it’s crucial that you build good backlinks for your website. But, not all backlinks are created equal, as some can enhance your site’s ranking, but only for specific queries, while others can derail your rankings! 

So, it’s imperative that you build high-quality backlinks which help improve your website;s chances of ranking higher, especially for your target keywords. You can do this by replicating your competitor’s link-building tactics or strategies.

Optimize Your Images

Yes, ask any Brisbane SEO expert out there with regard to website images and all of them will tell you that images play a vital role in improving user experience. Chances are, you may be spending a lot of time choosing the right images for your website.

But, do you spend an equal amount of time optimizing these images on your website? When utilized the right way, images can effectively contribute to the website’s overall search engine optimization, and enhance organic traffic too.

Enhance Your Website’s Loading Speed

No one wants to wait for ages for a website to simply load. And, while search engines like Google do not publicly talk about the ranking factors in their algorithm, when they talk about site loading speed, you know they put a large premium on this!

This explains why majority of Brisbane SEO experts highly recommend optimizing a website’s loading speed, especially on mobile devices as majority of Internet users today access the Worldwide Web on their smart phones and tablets!

Use Short and Descriptive URL’s

Google continually advises websites to avoid using long URL’s because these may intimidate or confuse searchers. For this reason, using the exact target query as the URL isn’t akways the best practice.

For example, if your target keyword is “how to get rid of cavities without visiting a dentist”, well, not only is this too lengthy but its also going to get truncated in the search results. So, removing any unnecessary words and details, so that you’ll get target keywords that are shorter and sweeter, while keeping the important words or messages!

Remember this – If you structure your web content and architecture properly and intelligently (and holistically),  your pages will be discovered by the search engines, and will thus be deemed valuable. And as a result, your website will rank higher in the search engine results!