SEO Experts Break Agency Mold by Creating Bespoke Strategies

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — is helping brands to outrank and outperform in organic search, and not by accident. In an unequivocal pivot within search engine optimization agencies, Strategic SEO Solutions is breaking the templated mold by creating strategies as unique as the brands they serve.

At the helm, accomplished marketing professional and CEO Jon Lightfoot, a twenty-year marketing veteran with over a decade of agency side leadership, had this to say:

“SEO agencies often have their clients’ best interests at heart; however, they are handcuffed by working within a set of standard operating procedures and templated briefs or tactics that do not allow strategic flexibility based upon uniqueness found within each brand. Strategic SEO Solutions was built differently, from the ground up. We create customized SEO strategies for each client, to nurture their strengths, fortify their weaknesses and tactically outrank by deeply understanding and harnessing their unique fingerprint and value propositions.”

Strategic SEO Solutions understands that search engine optimization can be a catalyst to tremendous growth for companies from a multitude of KPIs, including branding, lead generation and even thought leadership. However, Google is constantly shifting their algorithms. Competitors are also becoming savvier and investing in SEO, and hence the question is not only where you rank today, but where you will rank tomorrow, and in the future.

When asked about how custom SEO strategies would benefit the regular algo changes and increasing competitive landscape within organic search, Jon had this to say:  

“We are not afraid to test, change, be nimble, and guide our clients’ rankings with innovative techniques. We have brilliant minds on our team, utilize industry best crawling and auditing tools, leverage every kernel of data, and ensure that all facets of what we do has Google’s best practices and algorithms at the epicenter of our efforts. By stepping outside of cookie-cutter SEO approaches the potential and opportunities are limitless.” works with a variety of verticals including eCommerce, SaaS, CPG, Enterprise, Education and more. You are invited to get in touch today with no-obligation nor cost to schedule a free SEO consultation and discuss what creative, bespoke SEO can do for your company.

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