SoftwareReviews Reveals 2022’s Best Search Engine Optimization Software

Conductor SE Ranking Siteimprove Searchmetrics ContentKing Surfer SEO SoftwareReviews’ Net Emotional Footprint measures high-level user sentiment. It aggregates emotional ratings from 26 provocative questions, creating a powerful indicator of the overall user feeling toward the vendor and the product. With a Net Emotional Footprint of +90, Conductor is loved by its customers for being caring […]

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What internet outrage reveals about race and TikTok’s algorithm : Code Switch : NPR

West Elm Caleb went from a local Hinge player to dating supervillain, the target of a massive, righteous internet investigation. An audience of millions helped uncover and blow up his personal information. Nicole Xu for NPR hide caption toggle caption Nicole Xu for NPR West Elm Caleb went from a local Hinge player to dating […]

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Hunter Biden’s ‘disgusting’ laptop: Computer repairman reveals what made him call FBI

After a family intervention involving his father, the current U.S. president, Hunter Biden was sent to a rehab facility in Maryland. But, he never checked in.  In part four of the Fox Nation special “Who is Hunter Biden?,” Judge Jeanine Pirro tracks Hunter’s “drugged, befuddled blur of complete and utter debauchery” to a computer repair […]

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The most underrated sci-fi sequel on HBO Max reveals a real controversial technology

The replicants may look like humans, but they’re not the same as us. The biogenic creatures in Blade Runner are made of organic materials but have enhanced capabilities like super strength and increased speed. They’re tailored to serve mankind — until they rebel. In Blade Runner 2049 — the sequel to Ridley Scott’s original sci-fi […]

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