Chinese internet firm Sohu’s employees duped by email scam that promised ‘allowances’ to those who provide their banking data

Chinese internet portal operator said on Wednesday that two dozen employees lost more than 40,000 yuan (US$6,000) after they fell victim to an email scam, which promised “allowances” to recipients who provide their bank accounts and other personal identification information. The 24 employees believed the email was authentic because it was sent from an […]

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Emerging scam targets unsuspecting smartphone users with wrong-number text

A new scam aims to gain your personal information from a link sent after starting a conversation over a text sent to the wrong number. (Ponsulak, Shutterstock) Estimated read time: 5-6 minutes SALT LAKE CITY — It began with a simple text that appeared to be sent to the wrong person. “Keénan? It’s mé Jočelyn… […]

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