Tech Innovation Global Incorporated WOSB Alicia Carroll named “Entrepreneurs of the Year 2021” on Business Connect

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated WOSB Alicia Carroll named “Entrepreneurs of the Year 2021” on Business Connect

“Tech Innovation Global Inc® also globally collaborates with scientific organizations and 44 foreign chambers as a global partner at Insight Success,” says Alicia Carroll.

WOSB Alicia Carroll is a recipient for her initiatives in data analysis, webinars and Women in Business network. Her planning and notifications with companies from February 2020 to June 2020 SAR-CoV-2 includes 64 notifications, training sessions including data analysis reviews and 25 live webinars with experts Steven Levy, Healthy Habits and Legal Benefits for Success.

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In year 2022, initiatives for Women in Business includes a service app for businesses, community resources, health, and science to bring economic development to rural areas from Europe, UK, India and US. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s launch is in association with SBA, Chambers and fund goal of $200 Million with a Global Foundation of global investors improving lives.

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About Tech Innovation Global Incorporated
Alicia Carroll is an award-winning technologist of 20 years with consultants located in Huntsville, Alabama. In July 2019, Tech Innovation Global Inc. launched for initiatives. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated is a woman-owned small business for small to large corporations in skills and technology for new initiatives and missions. We analysis COVID-19 assessments. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated invested $1.5 Million at Tech Innovation Global Incorporated provided outstanding data analysis in masking and test while you consult with health departments to keep communities safe, workplaces and businesses and shifted reopening from Easter 2020 to May/June.

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