The intuitive business tech that’s helping SMEs work seamlessly

In business as in life, we’ve learnt to be more flexible, more connected and more in control as a result of the mobile tech that has evolved over the past few years to help us all work and live smarter, in a more agile, intuitive and seamless way – whatever life has to throw at us.

When it comes to supporting Britain’s industrious, innovative SMEs, Samsung provides all the products, tools and support needed to enable these businesses to work wonders, giving them the ability to take their business further.

Encompassing the best of Samsung from premium mobile devices such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Z Fold3, to the Galaxy Tab range, including the Galaxy Tab Active3 and Tab S8 Ultra, and laptops such as the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 and Galaxy Galaxy Book2 Business – each device is built for mobility and furnished with a complete package of mobile technology and services. These are designed to give more choice, control and protection, drive productivity and deliver multiple efficiencies to businesses.

Helping hybrid working

With many businesses managing large workforces working in different ways, both in-office and remotely, Samsung’s Enterprise Edition devices make it easier to configure, update, deploy and run mobile technology across organisations at scale ­– ensuring they’re always securely connected, harnessing innovative, intuitive technology that helps keep teams in constant, seamless contact and ensures the best possible service to their clients.

Samsung’s business-focused tech is a perfect fit for the innovative SMEs that fill the Custard Factory in Birmingham – 15 acres of beautifully restored Victorian factories right at the heart of the city’s buzzing creative and digital district. These young businesses know that technology has to be on their side as they develop, and Samsung has the tools to be with them all the way.

Supporting leading SMEs

Once part of Birmingham’s industrial powerhouse, the Custard Factory is now an incubator to a wide range of creative and digital business successes. Among them is Nourished, a subscription-based supplement company that creates healthy, nutritional jellies from a combination of vitamins, minerals and supplements, specially tailored and 3D printed to each customers’ personal needs. Nourished CEO and founder, Melissa Snover, is the nutritionist brains behind the company, while CTO Martyn Catchpole is a tech obsessive with 16 global patents for 3D printing – and a huge fan of Samsung’s products. With Samsung Knox defence-grade security, they can be sure that Nourished’s customer and health data is protected across the client journey, from initial questionnaires to nutrition plans resulting in those bespoke 3D-printed jellies.

With Samsung Knox defence-grade security, bespoke supplement company Nourished can be sure their customer data is protected

(The Independent )

At Yamination, a specialist in stop-frame, puppet and regular animation for big-hitters like Disney and Pixar, founder and creative director Drew Roper uses a Galaxy S22 Ultra and a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with the S Pen to create and annotate images that are then sent down to the studio, where model makers and puppeteers begin to their magic, refining their creations on the powerful, lightning-fast Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 laptop before going into production. The serious business of creativity means the defence-grade security built into their Samsung devices is paramount as they send animated sequences to clients around the world. Samsung’s security tech ensures their work for global clients remains completely confidential, and that their devices cannot be hacked and files stolen.

For animation company Yamination, the creative elements and connectivity of Samsung tech ensures they can create the best work for their clients

(The Independent )

Baked In Brick started life as a street-food vendor with a BBQ and pizza oven installed in what was once a classic MINI. Owner and chef Lee LeSanges – winner of Europe’s Best Street Food Dish – now runs a busy restaurant, which depends on the kind of tech Samsung provides to securely take orders, deal with suppliers, design menus and plot his company’s expansion to encompass a new bakery and a range of corporate catering services. For Baked In Brick’s hands-on, on-the-go approach, devices from Samsung’s Rugged Range – the Galaxy XCover 5 and the Galaxy Tab Active3 plus the Galaxy Book Pro 360 laptop – are the perfect electronic companions to keep everything flowing smoothly, however many orders come in. While the ‘Push to Talk’ feature, which works across Microsoft Teams, allows Lee to talk to some or all of his employees, across sites, at the push of a button.

Street food success story Baked in Brick uses innovative Samsung features, such as the ‘Push to Talk’ feature, to work seamlessly across sites

(The Independent )

Tech support built for business

When it comes to doing business, Samsung offers a complete ecosystem of mobile tech and services. Their global alliance partnerships with companies like Microsoft allow them to collaborate and innovate effectively, finding solutions, and developing pioneering products (such as ‘Push to Talk’) that help SMEs find new and better ways to work.

Businesses enjoy up to five years of enhanced service support and advice, as well as a next-day replacement service and up to five years of firmware updates with their Enterprise Edition devices. This ensures you have all the latest defence-grade security at your fingertips, to repel any malware and any other tech-based threats to your business. And with Knox Suite coming as standard for a year in every Enterprise Edition tablet and handset, securing your device in every layer and at all times, with both built-in and managed security – business owners have at their command all the tools they need to ensure seamless security, while empowering employees to be as productive and efficient as possible, wherever they may be working. Making Samsung the perfect business tech partner for the modern working world.

In the new series of Work Wonders, created with Samsung, Independent TV interviews all three of these leading British SMEs, to find out what inspires them, their company values, and the tech that helps them thrive. Click the links to watch the founders and teams from Nourished, Yamination and Baked In Brick share their businesses insights and the secrets of their success…

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