Transaction valuation consulting – A must for companies growth

Transaction valuation is a complex subject involving many areas of expertise. A transaction valuation expert may come from several different disciplines – accounting, finance, tax – and yet they still need to understand the objectives and drivers of each business to make sure their advice leads to an accurate and complete valuation.

Transaction valuation consulting firm are often used for M & A transactions like mergers & acquisitions, acquisition due diligence for companies for sale or public company stock purchase by private equity investors. In addition, transaction value consulting is also commonly used during the sale of a company as an asset or as a stock purchase. Let us look at a few of the benefits of transaction valuation consulting. 

Benefits of transaction valuation consulting: 

  •  Valuation is never black and white – there are always some unknowns so one needs to have an experienced professional on his or her side who can interpret what those factors mean. Real-world experience in how lenders, buyers, sellers, brokers and business owners act when making decisions about their business.
  • Expertise in understanding where critical financial statements may be incomplete or missing altogether so that they don’t miss any important information which could change the outcome of the valuation analysis significantly. Knowledge of standard industry practices for particular industries to apply appropriate discounts lack of marketability, liquidity or control 
  • During a transaction, it is important to be able to turn around an analysis quickly and accurately so that people can move forward with the next phase of due diligence or negotiations, if necessary. Transaction value consultants are not investment bank employees which means there is no conflict of interest concerns about what they say or how much information they decide for us to know.
  • We regularly meet face to face with our clients as well as work by phone, email and remotely through software like webex where needed. We also regularly present at industry conferences around the world for other valuation professionals who seek out our advice on these very topics. Experience working with private equity investors or selling shares in public companies during IPOs or secondary offerings
  • Transaction value consultants provide audit, tax and advisory services all under one roof which means one doesn’t have to work with multiple professionals to get the job done. When our valuation analysis is challenged in court by an opposing party it is important that our opinion has been evaluated by other seasoned professionals who understand why we came to the conclusions. 
  • Expertise in international transactions where cultural considerations can affect valuations significantly. Expertise in transactions involving investment funds. The best advice is not always the least expensive but working with experts will save our valuable time, headaches and even money when executed correctly because there are no additional surprises down the road.

As you can see, there are great benefits of hiring qualified business valuation services India. All businesses and organisations should take help from such valuation companies and take their business to great heights effectively and easily.