March 27, 2023


Innovation Leader

Two Potential Apple Desktops, Laptop Spotted in EEC Listing

Apple appears to have registered three new Mac computers with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), which it typically does ahead of the launch/release of products. The newly listed A2681 device is described as a portable computer. Meanwhile, there are two (non-portable) computers codenamed the A2615 and A2686 on the way. All three devices come packing Mac OS Monterey, says the EEC listing. Please remember, EEC listings are not always followed by corresponding product launches, so keep you salt shakers in hand as you read below the fold.

(Image credit: Future)

Last week, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman highlighted the distinct possibility of a special digital-only event hosted by Apple being scheduled for Tuesday, March 8. This will be the platform for the launch of updated versions of the iPhone SE and iPad Air, said the Apple tech news specialist, who went on to tip the appearance of at least one new Mac, probably a new version of the Mac Mini.