January 31, 2023


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What is Order Fulfillment? Can NetSuite Help in Managing Bulk Orders?

The term ‘order fulfillment’ describes the method by which companies process orders of customers’ purchases according to their specifications. In the order fulfillment process, one needs to understand that customers not just hold the most importance, but also hold the most power than ever before. Why? Well, they are more informed on every step of the order delivery process. To meet their high expectations, companies must target efficient order fulfillment.

However, when it comes to fulfilling bulk orders, many companies take a back seat. This can be evaded with NetSuite order fulfillment for multiple ship-to orders. After all, fulfilling an order is directly connected to your company’s market reputation. It also upholds company profits and client retention ability.

Read more about bulk order fulfillment and NetSuite in this article.

Order Fulfillment – What is it?

To start with, here is what the key takeaways say about order fulfillment –

  • Order fulfillment is a crucial part of businesses dealing with retail products.
  • Companies need to connect with multiple third-party partners to ensure the process gets seamlessly executed.
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has a significant role in the process.

A new sale is always an exciting time for businesses. However, the process is just halfway through until customers get what they purchased in time. Order fulfillment is the vital task of assembling multiple products and shipping them.

Most of the order fulfillment process can be conducted from a well-organized warehouse. For small businesses, it is a much easier process. But, large enterprises require a multi-layer distribution strategy. It is because they mainly deal with bulk orders. Fulfilling bulk orders is a rather complex process and requires a quick, reliable and inexpensive solution.

Top Bulk Order Fulfillment Challenges faced by Companies

Inventory Management

Companies always need to ensure that they have a stocked-up inventory. The last thing they would want is to turn down customers because of an empty warehouse. That can badly hamper customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Only in cases of natural disturbances or issues like the COVID-19 pandemic do customers tend to understand how supply chains can get disrupted, and hence, stocks cease to exist. However, with an ERP like NetSuite in assistance, managing inventory won’t be much of a problem.

Automatic Address Validation

This is indeed one of the biggest challenges companies face when it comes to multiple ship-to locations. Guaranteeing correct shipping information is essential to ensure that no delivery is misplaced.

However, this seems to have a solution when companies start using NetSuite’s solutions to handle bulk orders. The application assures companies that deliveries will reach the intended destination with no anomalies.

Logistics Planning and Management

You wouldn’t like to see customers posting feedback reviews of receiving broken, battered, or wet packaging. These are, in fact, the top factors that lead to a company’s downfall every year. That is why careful planning and managing logistics is so essential.

Also, in this case, having NetSuite’s applications really helps. How? Well, with NetSuite, companies can seamlessly ship bulk orders to groups of destinations or even hundreds to thousands of different locations.

The End Line

NetSuite order fulfillment for multiple ship-to orders is no wonder the most chosen option by companies. It is because the applications bring in no hassles when it comes to handling bulk orders. It ensures that your company’s reputation stays unharmed while customers stay content.