When can I get KUB internet service in Knoxville? Who will get first?

Affordable internet is on the way in East Tennessee. Some 30,000 of the Knoxville Utilities Board’s customers can expect access to broadband internet in 2022.

After getting final approval to add internet service to its portfolio of offerings earlier this year, KUB is planning which communities will get access to the service first, beginning installation of the necessary fiber and hiring the team to launch the service. 

When the network is done, likely not before 2029, every KUB electrical customer will be able to sign up for fiber internet service.

That means 210,000 households in mostly Knox, Grainger, Union and Sevier counties will be able to purchase internet starting at an estimated $65 a month. 

Knox News sat down with KUB to find out what customers can expect as broadband service launches in 2022. 

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Internet:As KUB rolls out broadband, internet providers will lower rates. Read the fine print

Global Communications, a KUB subcontractor, installs steel messenger cables between utility poles on Riverside Drive on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. An estimated 30,000 KUB customers could get access to the utility's broadband service in 2022. Eventually, the internet service will be available to all 210,000 households in KUB's electricity service area.

“I think it’ll be the fastest internet in Knoxville at a reasonable price,” vice president of fiber and chief technology officer Jamie Davis told Knox News. “I’m excited to deliver on our promises.”

KUB:As broadband rolls out, internet providers will lower rates. But read the fine print

When will my neighborhood get KUB broadband? 

Customers in some areas will begin to get access to broadband throughout the second half of the year. Some service may be available as early as July.